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A permanent job that offers a thousand experiences and opportunities. We support you with advice and practical help for all your career planning questions.

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Those who take their first steps into the world of work after graduating from a university should think of it like building a house. An architect can plan the most beautiful object, but if the foundation is not stable and stable, the desired result will never be achieved. Inexperience in the labour market and misconceptions can quickly stymy your career. We help you to find the right and most suitable way to reach your goals. Gaining as much practical experience as possible, expanding your qualifications and skills and rounding off your theoretical knowledge are the main priorities.

Whether you want to climb the career ladder of an renowned multinational or a small and medium-sized company, we will find the right project for you. Exciting tasks, self-starting work, internal training and national and international experience are what await you!

We offer you ...

  • … a permanent job and a thousand experiences!
  • ... projects tailored to your qualifications and interests with renowned and respected companies, where you can develop your own skills and abilities to the full.
  • ... the opportunity to specialise according to your interests and develop your expertise.
  • ... access to interesting projects and companies that match your career planning and meet your wish for further development and career opportunities.
  • ... the opportunity for international job experiences.
  • ... ongoing advanced training and continuing education according to need and interest.
  • ... assistance and support in building your dream career!

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Are you tech-savvy? Enjoy teamwork? Professional experience is not a prerequisite for us - what we value more are commitment, technical understanding, creative thinking and fun in varied projects.

We are constantly expanding our team and are looking for motivated, committed employees in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, automation technology, software and IT, building services engineering or construction technology.

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