The EYECATCHER - a Matura project with an eye for the essentials

Supervised by Ing. Joachim Beck, Stefan Treffer and Siegfried Napetschnig, the project handled recognising a person's line of vision in their project Eyecatcher-Blickfang.

In the Eyecatcher-Blickfang project, the alignment of the eyeball is optically determined on the basis of the position of the iris, whereby the direction of the subject's view can be calculated. This view is then graphically illustrated. Two cameras are provided for this purpose, which are mounted on a frame similar to spectacles. One of these cameras observes the position of the iris, the other one has the subject's entire field of view in sight.

After a calibration phase, during which the practically attainable range of motion of the eye is determined and converted to the field of view, the point of the field of view which the subject is currently observing appears on screen. Depending on the available hardware capacity and the performance of the software to be developed, this should be done in real time.

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