Technical cooperation

Cooperation with schools, universities of applied sciences and technical universities are a top priority for us. We appreciate close cooperation with young and creative minds and always welcome their wealth of ideas with open arms.

One very successful example of cooperation is the Eyecatcher-Blickfang project, which was created as part of a diploma thesis. To cement our involvement in the training of our employees at an early stage, we nurture long-term partnerships with numerous educational institutions, oversee diploma or project work subject to consultation with our technical staff, welcome school classes to “experience" our production hall and offer company presentations and application training courses for prospective graduates.

Great collaboration ...

  • Carinthia: Technical school Lastenstraße: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mechatronics
  • Carinthia: Technical school Mössingerstraße: Electronics, electrical engineering and biomedicine
  • Carinthia: Technical school Villach: Building construction, civil engineering, interior design, computer science/EDVO, network technology, media technology
  • Carinthia: Technical school Wolfsberg: Automation technology, mechatronics (plastic technology), business informatics and business management
  • Upper Austria: Technical school Waidhofen/Ybbs: Automation technology, electrical engineering, industrial engineering
  • Upper Austria: Technical school Neufelden: Automation technology, network technology and computer science
  • Upper Austria: Technical school Ried im Innkreis: Production engineering
  • Upper Austria: Technical school Wels: Mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and information technology
  • Upper Austria: Technical school Braunau: Electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics
  • Steiermark: Technical school Bulme: Electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical and industrial engineering
  • Steiermark: Technical school Kaindorf: Automation technology, mechatronics and IT & organisation
  • Steiermark: Technical school Kapfenberg: Electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, plastics and environmental technology
  • Steiermark: Technical school Weiz: Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering
  • Innsbruck: Technical school Fulpmes: Mechanical engineering, machine and manufacturing technology
  • Innsbruck: Technical school Imst: Information technology, construction engineering, wood technology and furniture design
  • Innsbruck: Technical school Jenbach: Industrial engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, mechatronics and building services engineering
  • Vienna: Technical school Ottakring: Information technology, electrical engineering, technical informatics, mechanical engineering and computer technology
  • Vienna: TGM Wien: Electronics and technical informatics, electrical engineering, IT, mechanical engineering, plastics technology, Industrial engineering, biomedical engineering and health technology