Engineering services

Service delivered right at the customer's premises - what M-Tech GmbH offers with its professional engineering services in mechanical and plant engineering as well as the automotive industry.

More and more companies are outsourcing project development to external service providers, as well as IT work. Why this happened: Well qualified engineers are a rarity in the labour market and don’t come cheap.

M-Tech GmbH helps customers save time, nerves and money by constantly bringing only the best technicians on board. Customers can deploy these specialists flexibly for projects directly in the company. This guarantees optimal integration into the company, a swifter response and streamlined communication - minimal effort, maximum flexibility and unbeatable efficiency.

From development and planning to construction - M-Tech GmbH handles engineering projects in the following areas directly at the customer's site or in-house:

Let’s collectively collaborate on innovative solutions and products. A healthy number of full-time employees lets M-Tech GmbH provide consultants without long lead times.