Mechanical engineering

Competent engineers on loan

If you would like to tap into the M-Tech GmbH expertise and channel it directly into your company, look no further than our large pool of contract designers. M-Tech GmbH employees are constantly refining their insights, with continuing education a matter of course. The willingness to learn, to communicate and above all apply this knowledge are what drive the company forward.

Product development

M-Tech GmbH's designers are enthusiastic about developing various products made of a range of materials. They devote themselves to working on the product from the concept, design and development stages right up to market launch.

Vehicle construction

From conceptual design and development right up to paving the way for series production of various modules and vehicle components – M-Tech GmbH’s contract designers and project staff know all the ins and outs of vehicle construction. M-Tech GmbH's service scope also includes developing vehicle products and engines and transmission as well as exterior and interior components.

Mechanical engineering and special machine construction

Whether it’s designing mechanical engineering assemblies or finding special machine construction solutions - there is ample scope to deploy M-Tech GmbH consultants flexibly in project teams.

Plant engineering

M-Tech GmbH's technicians plan and design industrial plants. These include paper and pulp technology, environmental and energy technology, power plant construction and the steel industry. 3D and 2D designs, installation and submission plans and bills of materials are all created.