Software engineering

Programming as a service - M-Tech GmbH makes it possible.

Software engineering encompasses work to develop and operate software systems as well as organising and modelling associated data structures. The specialists at M-Tech GmbH develop tailor-made software solutions such as user software or databases for various companies. In the process, they work with programming languages such as NET, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++ or LabView.

M-Tech GmbH has rich experience in software engineering in automation technology and plant engineering. PLC programming is used here. To cater to industry, there is also PC-based programming under Windows and LabView. The programmers either come directly to the customer's company or develop in-house at M-Tech GmbH. No matter what the variant used though, M-Tech GmbH's programming services are impressive - as reference customers such as Knorr-Bremse GmbH will confirm.